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Gold Accumulation Plan for Personal Account

☆ Introduction
"Gold Accumulation Plan" is a service for customers who open Gold Accumulation Plan accounts in ICBC and sign the accumulation agreement to buy ICBC gold asset equity in regular periods (monthly deduction in agreed amount) or at own choices. The equity can be redeemed or converted into physical precious metal. Buying gold in batches in small amount continuously can reduce the risks caused by large investment at improper time. Investors can redeem physical precious metal any time within the contract period (usually a year at least) or when the account is closed. Cash can be drawn at the price of the day if investors decide to sell accumulated gold.

☆ Target Clients
Individual customers with accounts held in ICBC.

☆ Features and Advantages
Gold Accumulation Plan is the first low-risk gold investment product in the country for customers to accumulate "based on average daily prices". Customers can spread investment cost effectively and avoid the risks caused by gold price fluctuation to the largest extent.
(1) Hold more gold steadily: ICBC's team of experts buys gold everyday based on the preferred daily prices to help you spread the cost and risk.
(2) Amass by regular small investments: RMB 200 is the minimum amount needed per month, small capital but large investment.
(3) Many options: Customers can redeem ICBC's rich variety of precious metal products, or draw cash. Redemption of accumulated gold means accumulated gold in the account can be redeemed into other kinds of precious metal products of equivalent value currently sold by ICBC. Balance in the Gold Accumulation Plan account will be reduced accordingly.
(4) Earn actual gold: Continual investment in gold can bring you more wealth.

☆ Case Study
August, 2010 - monthly investment: RMB 2,000 (total 22 banking days, around RMB 91 one day on average) using average gold price of one ICBC banking day (except statutory national and public holidays).
Below calendar is the income from Gold Accumulation Plan in the buying period:

● Closing price (RMB) of gold of the day        ● Buy quantity (gram)
Remarks: Gold price every day refers to the closing price of the Shanghai Gold Exchange. The above case serves for reference only (banking charge is not taken into consideration)
Invest RMB 2,000 every month, comparison on the three options:
Investment option                             Gold price                          Buying quantity
Gold Accumulation Plan                  RMB 265.66/gram           7.5382 grams
highest price of the month               RMB 271.90/gram           7.3556 grams
lowest price of the month                RMB 256.90/gram           7.7851 grams
Investment in gold needs professional knowledge as well as time. Even professional investors can not guarantee to make investment at the lowest price every month. Gold Accumulation Plan brings more convenience, no worry and low risk.

☆ Application Conditions
Gold Accumulation Plan is an "intelligent" gold investment product launched by ICBC partnered with World Gold Council. Customers have to sign ICBC Agreement on Gold Accumulation Plan before using the service. Gold Accumulation Plan account can be opened at ICBC outlet with Money Link Card, Elite Club Card, e-Age Card, or current account passbook. Customers should bind the Gold Accumulation Plan account with own bank account. Customers can also sign the agreement, open account, and bind the accrual account with own bank account via ICBC Internet Banking.

☆ Service Channel and Time
Gold Accumulation Plan can be bought at any ICBC outlet. ICBC Internet Banking is another choice for customers to sign up the service, accumulate gold, sign agreement for gold accumulation in regular periods or at own choices, schedule gold redemption or look up the products. Customers can go to any outlet at the account opening area offering precious metal sales services to redeem the accumulated gold in the account into ICBC's rich variety of precious metal products of equivalent value whenever necessary.
Trading days for accumulation, redemption and conversion are temporarily set to be the same trading days of Shanghai Gold Exchange. Online service hours for accumulation and redemption are 9:30-22:30 every day; service hours at the counters are same as the banking hours of the outlets; service hours for conversion are 9:30-15:00 each working day of Shanghai Gold Exchange.

☆ Fee Schedule
ICBC collects "accumulation service fee" and "redemption service fee", 0.5% and 1.5% respectively (refer to announcement for changes).

☆ Considerations
For one customer who wishes to redeem over 30 kilograms cumulatively in a single day, appointment should be made 3 working days ahead of the day.

☆ Risk Warning
Gold prices can be influenced by a variety of political, economic factors and other sudden events and may fluctuate substantially. Investors should give full consideration on risks and losses that may be incurred.